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We are registered
U-Filing/UIF Practitioners

* Registration of Domestic Worker Employer
* Registration of Domestic Worker Employee /     Employees
*  Monthly UIF payments (optional)
*  U-19 Forms - termination
*  Provide guidance and forms for:-
-  Maternity Leave Benefits
-  Ill-health Benefits
-  Death Benefits


COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injury and Diseases Act), BENEFITS, REQUIREMENTS

It is illegal, to not have your Domestic Worker registered with UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund)

As per the NEW LEGISLATION for Domestic workers we are ENCOURAGING you as the Employer to register COIDA for your Domestic Worker

(Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Disease Act)

 which could result in the implementation of fines, imprisonment or both should you fail to register

This follows a Constitutional Court ruling in November last year (2020) that said domestic workers should be included in the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA).

Subsequently, the Compensation Fund gazetted regulations that introduce cover for domestic workers in March 2021

Human Resources for Domestic Workers & their Employers

Letters of Appointment / Contract
Job Description
Leave Management
Time and Attendance
Personal Loans / Garnishees

HR Management
- Performance Management
- Disciplinary Discussions / Hearings

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