People HR & Payroll Solutions


for companies and indivuals

We are well suited to the small/medium business owner who wants to select specific HR Services instead of having to purchase bundled services.
Most small/medium business owners and administrators do not have the time to keep up with the constantly changing labour legislation to ensure compliance or remain aligned to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, which may impact the Company.
Our Human Resources Management services are for both Companies and their staff members. 
 As an independent objective HR practitioner, we are able to provide you with the best guidance and support to manage your employee's career.

Services offered (Companies)
* On-site assistance and staff consultations
* HR Policies and Procedures
* Induction Programmes
* HR reports and dashboards
* Provide support and guidance with Performance Management
* CCMA Consultation
Research has shown that a majority off staff members do not leave their Companies but do so as a result of bad management.  In most cases employees feel that HR is biased when dealing with issues escalated.

Services offered (Individuals)
* Performance Issues
* Assistance in dealing with poor management and victimisation
* Unfair Labour Practice
* Lack of training and support
* Remuneration related issues
* CCMA Consultation

* ID verifications
* Biometric Identify Management
* Qualifications (Grade 12 & Tertiary)
* Credit reports
* Drivers Licence & PDF verifications
* Work Permit verification
* Permanent residency verification
* CCMA cases
* Integrity and Behavioural Assessments