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"Take the sting out of running a small business"

People HR & Payroll Solutions has been created to assist you, the Employer, to have complete peace of mind regarding all your payroll and human resources (HR) requirements.

People HR & Payroll Solutions makes your life easier by taking away the tedium and time pressure involved in administering your payroll and HR concurrently and ensures that employees are paid on time and accurately in accordance with company policy and legislation and allows for the Owner to select specific HR services which does not require Clients to purchase bundled services.


Leverage outside payroll /HR expertise

 * Most business owners and administrators do not have time to keep up with constantly changing labour regulations to ensure compliance and alignment to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.  By outsourcing payroll & HR, a small/medium business can take advantage of expertise that was previously available only to big companies.

Reduced Costs

 * The direct costs of processing payroll & HR can be greatly reduced by working with a payroll/HR provider;

*  Saving your company time, resulting in you and your staff to focus on the core tasks of your business;

*  Saving money in terms of specialized appointments and software licensing fees

Offer Direct Deposit

Direct deposits may become a difficulty if a company does not utilise an outsourced payroll service. Increasingly, small/medium businesses recognize that employees require direct deposit.  The ability to eliminate a trip to the bank is an important convenience for both yourself and your staff. More importantly for business owners, direct deposit eliminates time-consuming and error-prone paper handling and the need to reconcile individual payroll checks every month.

Technology Headaches

A constant question for small/medium business owners is whether they have the latest version of their payroll software and the most recent tax tables installed on their computers. Using the wrong tax tables can result in severe penalties.  Adherence to Basic Conditions of Employment eliminate unnecessary legal disputes. Outsourcing payroll & HR removes those headaches and ensures that both payroll & HR are running smoothly. 

Avoid Payroll Knowledge Walking Out the Door

If your bookkeeper or administrator gets a new job, they will walk out the door with their knowledge of Your payroll process and how it is executed. Using an outsourced service eliminates that business risk.

People HR & Payroll Solutions (Payroll)

Provide expert advice and resources of a payroll & HR professional 

HR – Appointment & Termination Consultations are a necessity

 One-on-one appointment consultations are key to staff satisfaction and confidence in joining your company of employment

* Letters of appointment

* Benefits ie medical aid/retirement fund are explained to assist your new appointee in making the right choices available to them

* New appointment details are recorded accurately for payroll processing

* Relevant copies of qualifications/ID’s/beneficiary copies etc copied & filed

* Banking details recorded for payroll purposes

*Termination of a staff member for any reason, it is imperative to ensure that your staff member leaves your employ with a clear understanding of their benefits ie payout of retirement fund, end date of medical aid etc

*  IRP5 is issued upon resignation or within 14 working days after termination or tax year end

*  Relevant UIF documentation and certificate of service issued upon resignation



 *         Professional dedication to YOUR payroll & HR

*         Electronic/printed pay slips sent directly to your Company's designated person

*         Complete confidentiality

*         Monthly reports sent to you electronically

*         People HR & Payroll Solutions ensures your payroll & HR comply with the latest legislation

*         All monthly deductions calculated per employee are paid over to SARS ie PAYE/SDL/UIF

*         August & Annual SARS returns & IRP5s completed electronically for you

*         Providing customised management reports

*         All statutory requirements are complied with

*         Tailoring of output reports to match your financial requirements

*         Accurate data entry and on-going maintenance of records will result in improved reliability in the content of your personnel database

*         Allowing the Employer to specify the degree of assistance required on a day to day basis, including liaising with statutory      authorities and salary related  third parties.

*         People HR & Payroll Solutions caters for both weekly and monthly paid employees.


 Standard Services

·         Collation and processing of input

·         Reconciling all deductions

·         Generating pay slips

·         Distribution of pay slips (by e-mail or fax to the designated person of the Company or directly to e-mail of employees)

·         Submitting EMP201 return electronically to SARS (PAYE/SDL/UIF)

·         Submitting Statutory UIF data electronically to the Commissioner

·         All deductions calculated per employee & paid over to SARS & Dept. of Labour from your designated bank account.

·         Keeping and updating leave records

·         Recording of overtime

·         Recording of loan /garnishee accounts

·         Compiling salary related reports

·         Compiling financial salary related journals

·         Archiving information/data for up to 5 years

 Additional Services

·         Issuing of IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates at tax year end

·         PAYE Employer Reconciliations: EMP501 Returns (bi-annually)

·         Completing Workmen's Compensation Commissioner annual return

·         Effecting salary transfers to individual employees on behalf of the employer (cost effective and immediate )

·         Employee personal tax registration (Compulsory SARS requirement as from 2011 tax year)

  Optional Services

·         Structuring of salaries

·         Car allowances, travel calculators & log books

·         Calculating retrenchment packages

·         Managing employee benefits

·         Managing & Administering garnishee orders

·         Application & obtaining tax directives on behalf of Client

·         Consulting employers on employment tax related issues

 Cost of Services

 ·         People HR & Payroll Solutions’ fees are market related, structured and most affordable.

·         Quotations are available on request and are free of charge. No quotations will be given telephonically.

 Payroll System Utilized

 People HR & Payroll Solutions utilizes Psiberpay

 Typical features of the system would include the following:

·         Fully flexible, new development version updates

·         User specific

·         Fully supported and updated

·         On-line real time

·         Flexible earnings and deductions

·         Tax calculations

·         Electronic pay slips, IRP5’s

·         Customised reports