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How People HR & Payroll Solutions can help you....

We are Registered Labour Practitioners with Deptartment of Labour (UIF)

Have you registered your Domestic Worker with Department of Labour and contributing UIF? 

Does he/she receive a payslip, are his/her monies being credited directly into their bank account – Letter of appointment signed and benefits understood ie leave, hours of work etc?.

If not, look no further – People HR & Payroll Solutions has the solution for you as the Employer and your Domestic worker…

An initial once-off fee for Registration and uploading details into Payroll.  Thereafter a monthly fee, (People HR & Payroll Solutions will provide fee structure  on written request) which will include:-

* Register your Domestic with Department of Labour

* Draw up official Letter of Appointment / contract.

* Produce a monthly payslip which can be either e-mailed or posted to your direct e-mail/postal address

* EFT payment of salary as well as UIF/PAYE on a monthly basis.

* Leave entitlements and leave reports generated on a monthly basis (which will also reflect on payslip)

Peace of mind for both yourself and domestic worker is imperative, should your domestic worker pass away, UIF will provide a death benefit to his/her family, maternity leave benefits, UIF benefit in the event of retrenchment/retirement/dismissal. 

All you as the Employer, need to process is a payment directly into Profile Corporate Services (EFTpayments) – People HR & Payroll Solutions will forward Invoice to you on a monthly basis and will ensure that your domestic worker receives his/her salary timeously. Alternatively you can make payment directly into Domestic Worker's bank account upon receipt of his/her payslip.